Buy Pool Supplies Online (3 Easy Steps for Beginners)

cheap pool supplies

Today, you’ll see my favorite way to buy pool supplies online.

That’s right!

I will show you how to save time and money when purchasing pool supplies, parts, and tools.

And best of all…

…there’s no waiting at the checkout behind customers who ask too many questions. 🙂

Let’s dive right in.

Save BIG & Buy Pool Supplies Online


Click this link >> Patio, Lawn & Garden> Pools, Hot Tubs & Supplies> Cleaning Tools & Chemicals to open my favorite online store.

You should see a webpage that looks like this:

Discount pool supplies

Now let’s unpack this page:

1. Starting at the upper left, I have put a red box around Cleaning Tools & Chemicals. This is the Amazon category we are searching for.

2. Then, directly below the category, I have put another red box around Amazon Prime, which we will look at in a bit.

3. To the right, I have put another box around the “#1 Best Seller” Badge and ratings for the Swimline 8040 Professional Heavy Duty Deep Bag Pool Rake. Hovering over the stars will open a pop-up, and you can read the ratings on this product.

BTW, I actually bought this pool rake last year and it works great!

4. Next, look to the far right to see I am not blowing smoke. I’ve been purchasing pool chemicals online for a couple of years now.


You can see that during my last purchase, I bought a jug of PhosFree, Kem-Tek 3″ Chlorinating Tabs in the 50-pound bucket, and Kem-Tek Super Shock.

All in all, I saved about $40, and I didn’t have to drive to Leslie’s Pool Supplies and burn an hour waiting in line behind 5 people getting their water tested.

Listen to this benefit of buying online:

The best thing about buying pool chemicals on Amazon is I don’t have to worry about searching for discount pool supplies or pool supplies online coupons because Amazon already has the best deals.

Believe me when I say I have done my homework.

Let me show you what I mean.

If you want cheap pool supplies, let’s find some!

Below, I have pulled up Leslie’s Pool Supplies and searched for chlorine dispensers.

In this example, let’s compare Leslie’s prices with Amazon’s.

pool supplies online coupons

Hmm…that’s about a 50% difference…but this isn’t apple for apples, right?


pool supplies online coupons

And if you are already an Amazon Prime member, you will get 2-day shipping for free!

If not, here’s a link to try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days.


I have nothing against Leslie’s Pool Supplies. Not at all.

I’m looking for the best deal on pool supplies, and Amazon has them beat.

Would you pay $4 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline if you could drive across the street and get it for $3.50?

So the next time you need pool tools, chemicals, or parts… before you jump in the car and burn $5 worth of gas and an hour of your time, check online.

Now You Try It

Here’s what you do.

Make a list of chemicals and tools you need. If there isn’t anything you need right this minute for your swimming pool…

You can wait a few days, do what I do, buy it online, and save time and money.

Use these 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Click this link to search for discount pool supplies
  2. When you find a deal, Add it to your cart
  3. Then Check out (don’t forget to use Prime shipping if you are a member)

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