Best Pool Supplies Save Big on Swimming Pool Supplies! 

Since 2007, I’ve been buying pool supplies and equipment to maintain my 22,000-gallon freshwater swimming pool.

Hmmm… I buy $200 – $400 per year on pool supplies – sometimes more.

And overall those years as a DIY pool guy, I’m guilty of purchasing a heck-of-a-lot of tools, chemicals, and equipment I probably didn’t need.

Look, I was a newbie pool owner!

It wasn’t easy figuring out what I needed buy.

Most of the time I was just guessing, which is why I want to share my experience with beginners who are new pool owners.

Below you’ll find shortcuts that will help you locate deals on top pool supplies every do-it-yourself pool owner needs.

Or, use the search tool at the top of the page to find more deals. Both ways give you lists of pool products, tools, and accessories to pick from for your DIY pool maintenance.

DIY Pool Supplies By Catagory

Best Pool Tools
Best Pool Chemicals
Best Pool Accessories

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