Swimming Pool Maintenance for Dummies (Beginners Like Me)

Swimming Pool Maintenance for Beginners

How to do DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance…

In this DIY pool tip we’ll go over two important basics every new pool owner should know about.

  1. Keeping your pool filter clean
  2. Adding pool chemicals


Let’s go over swimming pool maintenance for beginners…

Swimming Pool Filter and Chemical Tips

#1. Clean Filters for a Clean Pool

Pool water filters are a requirement for your swimming pool to stay clean however they can be the biggest pain when it comes to maintenance, and dirt will still get through the best filters. A simple strategy to improve filtration is to add a flocculant.

What is a Flocculant?

how to fix murky pool waterA flocculant is a chemical that is added to the pool water that causes flocculation, basically causing the dirt particles to coagulate into larger clusters that are large enough to be caught in the pool filter. This improves the filters efficiency for capturing smaller dirt particles so they don’t return to your pool water — thus they aren’t getting in your eyes and mouth when you swim.

Cleaning Filters and Back Washing Sand Filters

Regular removal of filters for washing them is important to keep them from clogging, it also helps reduce the unwanted load on the pump system which will rack up higher electric bills, but more importantly, they keep pool water clean.

Some owners will clean filters weekly to keep the job smaller, others will wait until it’s too late then regret it – this also tends to lead to premature filter replacement. Really, it’s your pool so you decide what works best for you.

Sand Filters

My pool has a sand filter so I backwash it weekly. I once saw my sand filter explode because the pressure got too high – lesson learned for my procrastination, and it cost me $1000 to replace it.

Don’t forget to backwash your pool so your sand filter doesn’t bust!

#2. Managing Swimming Pool Chemicals

how to test pool chemicalsI’ve learned an easy way to lower the quantity of chlorine needed is to add pool stabilizer. A stabilizer will also help keep the balance in your pool’s Ph level.

Cyanuric Acid is a common type of pool water stabilizer and is added to new water, or as required.

The amount of acid needed depends on the water volume of the swimming pool. To determine if your swimming pool needs stabilizer you’ll need to test your chlorine levels.

Regular pool water testing and adding chlorine and stabilizer will save time and money in the long run, and it’s a fundamental part of good pool maintenance.

Caution! Be careful that you don’t add too much stabilizer though as it can have an adverse effect which requires draining all the water and start over again. When testing, pay close attention to the charts so you only add the require amounts of pool chemicals.


I was a dummy when I started learning how to do swimming pool maintenance!

This tip covers BASIC maintenance I’ve learned for swimming pool filters and water treatment. It’s a high-level guide to get you started so keep reading and learning…

Other Swimming Pool Maintenance Topics and Tips For Beginners

If you’re a new swimming pool owner and feel like a dummy, you’re not alone. There are a lot of pool service and cleaning chores you’ll need to learn if you plan to do your own pool maintenance.

For the longest time, I was frustrated and also felt like a dummy trying to keep my pool clean so that my family could use it. I’ve learned a lot over the years and want to share my experiences…

Here’s a list of some of the other beginner topics covered on Pool Service All:

Pool cleaningAs a DIY (do-it-yourself), I know how much time it takes me to maintenance my 22,000 gallon Shasta Pool.

However, if you don’t have the time, or you’re concerned that you’re not properly taking care of your swimming pool, don’t risk damaging your investment, or even the health of your family and friends. Get a professional pool service to handle your pool maintenance and kick back and enjoy…

When In doubt always check with your pool service professional.

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