There’s A Dead Bird In My Pool

dead bird in poolFirst off, finding a dead bird in my pool is BAD news!

And secondly, finding anything dead in my pool is not good either!

The monsoons have been making a mess of my swimming pool this year and baby birds getting knocked out of the nest seems pretty common. Yup, pool care is on the rise!

But it gets worse…

Dead Bird In Pool

So what do I do when I find something dead floating in my swimming pool?

First, I freak out and say a few curse words while I remove it…

Then depending on how bad the victim looks and smells makes the difference in what swimming pool maintenance happens next.

For example, if it’s a baby bird that looks fresh, then I remove it, treat the water with the best pool shock, and nobody gets in for the next week.

However, if it’s a large bird and has been dead a while to where it is decomposing (yes I said decomposing), then I take drastic measures and start draining pool water.

I’m sorry but NO amount of pool shock or chlorine will settle my concerns of flesh-eating bacteria and other creatures that live and grow on dead things.

Sorry for the GROSS truth but if the victim is decomposed and smells when you are removing it, then it’s too late for chemicals. NO way…

Kill Bacteria with Pool Shock

Last updated on 2020-10-19.


This is one of the BIGGEST drawbacks of owning a swimming pool – you have to pay for these kinds of inconveniences.

At some point, every pool owner will find dead birds, mice, rats, bugs and other creatures floating dead in your swimming pool.

Sad, but true! And it’s the price you pay for having 1000s of gallons of water sitting on your property.

Awe, the joys of owning a swimming pool and keeping it clean and safe…

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