Best Automatic Pool Cleaner (Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Review)

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A Review Straight From The Heart!

I’ve been messing around for 7 years with pool tools.

My last post was about a vacuum attachment, brushes, and skimmer I recently bought on Amazon.

Things have changed…

After 3 weeks of brushing, skimming, and vacuuming, I gave up in defeat because I just couldn’t keep the bottom of my pool clean no matter what I did.

Best Kreepy Krauly Kruiser (Amazon Bestsellers)

Here’s the tough part to explain in this review.

My wife was nagging the heck out of me to clean the pool so my daughter could have her friends over to swim.

Is the pool clean so Vanessa can have her friends over to swim? Ugh!

I’m sure this happens everywhere, but in Arizona, it’s tough to keep this thin film of dirt off the bottom of the pool. And the algae seems to take over from one day to the next.

I spoke to the guy at Leslie Pools, and he said the dust and algae won’t hurt anything and explained what’s going on in lakes.

When I told my wife that she said, “My pool is not a lake!”

How does a Kreepy Krauly work?

Kreepy Krauly Kruiser to the rescue!

After checking prices and watching videos, I broke down and bought one. I put the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser in my pool 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t had to brush or vacuum it once since.

Get this. Last week my wife even got in the pool which she hasn’t done in 5 years.

Why didn’t I invest in one sooner and spare myself the pain and frustration? Live and learn!


pool serviceFor this review, I have to be honest.

It was tough paying $300 for the thing.

But after I see what it does, $300 is nothing for the peace of mind and time I get back.

The only problem I had was needing to get some repairs done that I wrote about in the “Why I hate my pool” post which by the way gets a lot of reads.

Anyways to fix a pump and valve leak, and to buy the Kruiser, altogether cost me $600 for everything.

And the best thing I can say about the deal is no more dealing with broken pop-ups because the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser does a better job keeping my pool clean.

I am thrilled with my investment! Five stars!

Review Update (1 year later)

Best Automatic Pool Cleaner That Works Like a Charm

modern pool cleainingLast year was big for me!

After years of painful pool cleaning using brushes and vacuums, I finally figured it out.

What changed you might ask?

I realized I was working harder not smarter, which is why I switched to modern pool cleaning. Let me explain…

Big Swimming Pool Cleaning

Since 2007 when I bought my current home with a 22,000-gallon pool, I have been struggling to keep my pool clean.

I tried every attachment sold on Amazon and at the pool store. I even hired a pool guy for $85 a month which was a joke!

Then last year I finally cracked and wrote about hating my pool.

A few months later I invested in a bunch of pump and filter repairs, and also in a Kreepy Krauly Kruiser.

Best Automatic Pool Cleaner

I can now honestly report that buying the Kruiser has made all the difference in the world for my swimming pool.

I admit now and then it gets plugged with something it sucks up, and even wakes me up with the thumping sound it makes or when it tries to crawl out of the pool and sucks in air. But that’s far less painful than spending hours pushing a broom in 9 feet deep water.

Now I let the pump do all the hard work.

Here’s all you have to do after you buy your Kruiser:

  • Assemble the Kreepy Krauly with enough hose to reach the full length of your pool.
  • Attach the fitting to the suction port in the skimmer. (Careful not to have the pump running)
  • Then connect the hose to the fitting through the front skimmer flap.
  • You may have to adjust the hose length or add weights, but that’s no big deal.
  • Turn on the pump and watch the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser go to work!

Just let it run during your regular pump cycle.

This is how pool cleaning should be!

I still have to watch the pool chemicals and sweep the steps, but this is modern pool cleaning at it’s finest. No need to pay a pool man 85 – 100 per month for 10 minutes a week of work.

Where can you get a Krauly?

You can get a Kreepy Krauly on Amazon for about $300 or at your local pool supply store. I’m sure other types of automatic pool cleaners do the same thing, but I’m happy with my Kruiser.

For more information go to Amazon and read other customer reviews.

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