Dirty Swimming Pools

dirty swimming pools mosquitoesMost pool owners hate dirty swimming pools but unfortunately, it’s something we’re constantly working to keep from happening.

As I’ve stated in my other posts, it doesn’t take long for mother nature to reclaim the water used in any size of swimming pool.

She sends dirt, dust, bugs, leaves, branches, algae, mosquito larva, etc and before you know it – you can have an ecosystem right in your back yard.

That’s why dirty swimming pools are a problem and need to be a major consideration for anyone planning to install a swimming pool.

City Governments are Against Dirty Swimming Pools

Also, be aware that most cities have ordinances against allowing swimming pools to turn green because they become farms for mosquitoes.

I know in my city, they have someone that flies around in a choppers surveying for dirty swimming pools, then they send the men in black (city inspector) to your front door to issue a citation.

Other Causes of Dirty Swimming Pools

  • Plugged pool filters that are not allowing the water to circulate
  • Pump not cycling on a regular schedule because the breaker is tripped or the timer is not properly set
  • Lack of regular pool service to do skimming, vacuuming, and adding chemicals
  • The cost of time and chemical has become too great due to hardship or budget problems
  • Procrastination and just plain lazy (I’m often guilty of this one)


I hope this post on dirty swimming pools has given you a wake-up call, or at least helped you with your pool service search for Pros/Cons about installing a swimming pool.

Another related post you might want to to read is A Hindsight Look at Swimming Pool Reality.

Your turn to offer tips for dirty swimming pools, please comment!

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