Swimming Pool Skimmer [Jet Net Remote Control]

Jet Net Remote Control Pool SkimmerPool Skimmer Fun!

Cut your Pool Maintenance Time down with a fun alternatives.

People love having a swimming pool of their own, but they often don’t like all of the work that is associated with it – I know I don’t.

Of course it’s understandable why someone would rather be spending their free time in the pool instead of cleaning the pool. Yet cleaning is a necessary evil of having a swimming pool you can spend time in. [see the irony?]

One way you can reduce the time you spend working is to use robotic or remote control tools.

These types of devices will do the dirty work for you or make it less burdensome.

And they have improved over the years using modern technology to help make them better and less expensive.

The newer models are smart enough to detect the size and the shape of the swimming pool and let you or your kids make a game out of work.

More Info About Robotic or Remote Control Pool Tools

  • They can be customized to take care of all your cleaning needs.
  • You can program them to complete specific cleaning patterns.
  • They can also be configured for a pattern in a different area of our swimming pool.

It’s really amazing to watch these machines work because the technology involved with them is very advanced. It’s almost like they have an actual brain that they use to logically move on to the next location that needs to be cleaned in your swimming pool.

Now imagine not having to spend hours cleaning the sides and bottom of your swimming pool.

All of the bacteria and algae will be taken care of by the robotic cleaner.

And as a benefit this will help your chemical levels stay where they should with less variations to worry about.

One of the reasons why people have been hesitant to buy robotic cleaners is because they are expensive.

You will be glad to hear that not only have they gotten better over the years but they have gotten more affordable.

Now you can buy a very good model of robotic cleaner for half of what they used to cost and it’s definitely worth the time you will save.

Finally, there’s a cool little skimmer tool that has caught my attention that has a remote control.

Jet Net Remote Control Skimmer

You and your kids will actually enjoy cleaning the pool with the Jet Net Remote Controlled Leaf and Bag Swimming Pool Skimmer.

This speedy boat speeds around your swimming pool capturing leaves, bugs and anything else on the surface in its enclosed net.

Simply lift the skimmer net from the boat to clean it and re-install for more pool tidying.

The Jet Net is battery powered by a heavy duty rechargeable NI-MH battery (battery and charger are included).

And, this pool skimmer operates 5 hours before recharging and up to 100 ft from the remote control.

The Jet Net is ideal for pools and ponds!

The fun remote control design will make cleaning your pool a blast for you or your kids.

Then easily lift the skimmer net from to top of the boat when it becomes full and your ready to skim again.

pool skimmer funBattery and Charger INCLUDED

  • Jet Net Pool Skimmer is battery powered by a heavy duty rechargeable NI-MH battery
  • Remote Controlled Leaf and Bag Skimmer for Swimming Pool Cleaning: Dimensions: 24in W x 30in L x 8in H / Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Captures leafs, bugs, seeds and anything else on the surface of your swimming pool or pond in its enclosed net
  • Simply lift the skimmer net from the boat to clean and reinstall for more cleaning
  • Operates up to 5 hours before recharging and will operate up to 100 ft from the RC controller
  • Your kids will love helping you clean the pool with Jet Net.

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Never leave children unattended around your swimming pool!

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