Swimming Pool Tools For Beginners

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Today you’re going to learn about swimming pool tools.

In Arizona, another HOT summer has started and it’s time to replace worn and broken swimming pool tools.


Brushes, skimmers, and vacuum attachments don’t last, especially in the 120-degree heat.

Tools can dry-rot, wear-out and crack, leaving your pool unprotected because you’re unable to take care of regular maintenance.


Pool tools generally will last me 2 years if I’m lucky, or one year if I throw it on the ground because the plastic clip breaks that hold it in places…ugh!

As a DIY pool owner, I don’t invest in the high-quality expensive tools anymore as they wear-out and break too. I also buy swimming tools online because it saves time and money…

…but it really is up to you.

Replacing Pool Cleaning Equipment

Let’s start by talking about my new pool rake (leaf skimmer).

I purchased the Swimline 8040 Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake (Amazon Best Seller), buy discount pool tools onlinebecause I’m surrounded on all sides by neighbors with palms and date trees. As well as my own hedges and citrus trees. Or for smaller jobs, I recommend the best leaf skimmer by Swimline.

The last pool rake I broke when I was chasing ducks out of my pool with it.

Anyways, it was time for a new one so I bought the Swimline 8040 Rake on Amazon because it has a large leaf bag and a wide face that is perfect for catching a lot with less work.

Next on the list is the Poolmaster 20172 Premier 18-Inch Nylon Aluminum Back Pool Brush.

My last brush is almost completely worn out from brushing the pool sides.

I’ve also found the sun dries the nylon bristles and they break off in the pool.

The Poolmaster 20172 brush seems kind of soft and I’ll have to see how it does as the summer heat wears on it.

cheap pool tools onlineAnd finally, I purchased the Swimline 8150 Weighted Flex Vacuum Head (Another Amazon Best Seller).


I’ve had two other types of vacuums that weren’t very good.

One was a brush with a hose fitting and the other was a plastic cone-shaped attachment with bristles on the sides.

The cone vacuum attachment cracked and left sharp pieces of plastic on the pool bottom and the brush wore out.

We’ll see how the Swimline 8150 Vacuum Head does.

Tips for Caring for Pool Tools

Let me conclude this post by saying to beginners and DIY pool owners that swimming pool maintenance can become time-consuming and costly.

My first tip for you is to keep your tools clean and out of direct sunlight or they will become damaged and break.

And my second tip is to buy the cheapest tool that will do the job. Read the reviews and consider what verified buyers are saying.

The tools listed above are not the best but I can honestly say they do the job…

…and they’re good enough to last 2 years.

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