Why I Hate My Swimming Pool

Hold onto your pants because I’m going to go on a RANT!

swimming pool hassles

Summer is almost here again and I’m already dreading the hassles I know I’ll go through to keep my swimming pool clean and safe.

I go through this dreadful state of mind every year because the truth is, swimming pools are a pain in the you-know-what unless you have a pool service or someone doing the cleaning and maintenance for you.

As a DIY pool owner, I almost constantly need to fix things that break or go wrong…

…And that’s what this rant is about.

You may want to move on unless you can relate to my frustration!

For example:

Right now, I know I have problems that need parts and repair. They’ve been there all winter waiting for me.

Here’s my list of DIY to-dos:

  • How to shock your pool2 Pop-ups are broken again (the same ones I paid $400 to have fixed last year)
  • The pump is leaking (Actually, it’s been leaking since last year, but I don’t want to pay $1500 to fix it)
  • Skimmer Flap is broken again (It breaks off every year and costs $25 to replace)
  • My skimmer brush attachments and vacuum hose all need replacing for $80 (wear and tear)
  • And then there’s the good old drain the pool and refill,” which will cost about $75 in water and makes a huge mess.

I don’t hate my swimming pool, but it does frustrate me, consumes a lot of time on pool maintenance and repairs, and costs a lot of money to keep up.

Sure I could pay $50 – $70 $80 – $100 a month to have someone do pool cleaning but the fix-it stuff is what really gets to me.

UGH! &*%^*%& 

Well, that’s all the ranting for now.

The good thing is I have at least 30 more days to ignore it before I start spending every Saturday morning doing pool service again and paying for the stuff I can’t do myself.

Do you have a RANT about your pool problems?

Feel free to share your swimming pool frustration below.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Hate My Swimming Pool”

  1. I feel your pain because I am dreading the same thing.I’ve been doing it for 5 years now and hate my pool. I wish I would never had it installed.


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