How To Keep Ducks Out Of The Swimming Pool

Keep Ducks Away From PoolKeep Duck Away From Pool…

Every year around mid-April I find myself chasing ducks out of my swimming pool.

This may sound crazy, but I’ve learned from this experience that ducks are good for detecting when pool chlorine is low and when it’s time to do lawn care.

A Duck’s Perspective of Your Pool

Think like a duck for a minute:

From a duck’s point of view, swimming pools are just pounds of water when flying over a neighborhood.

From their perspective, a murky or untreated swimming pool surrounded by overgrown plants and grass is a perfect feeding and mating environment.


It’s not the ducks fault, we invited them by letting yardwork and pool maintenance slip…

How to keep ducks from invading your swimming pool.

  1. Best Cordless Lawn Care ToolsKeep all grass and vegetation trimmed down and as far away from your swimming pool as possible. This will also keep bugs and spiders at bay (yes, I said spiders). I’ve gotten smart, and now I use these powerful cordless lawn care tools to do yard work by the pool. Gas tools were too big of a hassle, and electric tools by the pool were dangerous. But cordless battery power tools work perfectly.
  2. Keep a close eye on pool chemicals and ensure your pool chlorine is at the proper level. Clean water doesn’t have the same appearance or smell as pond water, and I’ve found that ducks don’t like chlorine.
  3. Treat your water regularly with the best pool shock so organisms don’t grow and invite critters that feed on them. Ducks feed on algae and other water-loving organisms such as mosquito larvae, snails, and crickets.
  4. Build a scarecrow with big eyes, or get a statue of a dog or owl (with big eyes).
  5. Most importantly! Never feed ducks that visit; they will keep returning, and your pool will become their sanctuary.

It gets worse:

Along with a few feathers, ducks will contaminate your clean swimming pool water with duck poop, urine and bacteria. And – left alone, they will build nests and have babies if you allow them. (Read: Warning about poop in the pool.)

Remember this:

Ducks are wild animals and don’t belong in your swimming pool.

Keep your swimming pool chemicals balanced and the lawn trimmed; ducks and other critters will not find it inviting.


It’s your turn to share how you’re keeping critters, ducks, or other waterfowl out of your swimming pool.

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