Fun Swimming Pool Games

fun swimming pool games

Transform your boring pool into a resort with fun swimming pool games!

Don’t let your swimming pool become all work and no play.

Nothing is more of a drag for me than working my butt-off to keep my swimming pool clean and then not using it.

Sure it’s nice not having a dirty swimming pool but swimming pools should be fun, right?

Playing swimming pool games will make having a pool fun…

Turn Off the TV and Video Games

My kids used to get in the swimming occasionally and splash around for a while but before I know it, they are back in the house watching TV or playing video games.

Ugh! When it’s beautiful outside why are the kids cooped up inside frying their brains on video games!

Have a Strategy

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To solve this problem you need to have a strategy because just getting in the pool and splashing around is only fun for 5 – 10 minutes then it gets boring.

Teach your kids to play popular swimming pool games that are fun.

I remembers growing up and playing Marco Polo, but do you know there’s more swimming pool games nowadays that kids and adults can play?

Also, why do you think 5 star resorts have people on staff to teach their guests how to play fun swimming pool games? It’s because they want their guest to remember having fun.

Get involved and think of yourself as the facilitator for you guests (kids).

List of Swimming Pool Games

Here’s a list of fun swimming pool games that you and your family can enjoy playing:

  1. Whirlpool Fun
  2. Kick board Relay Race
  3. Sponge Race
  4. Water Frisbee
  5. Marco Polo
  6. Treasure Quest
  7. Dog paddle Relay Race
  8. Noodles Race
  9. Rubber Duck Race
  10. Cannon Ball Splash Competition
  11. Shark Attack
  12. Over and Under
  13. Steal the Bacon
  14. Pool Volley Ball
  15. Tug of War


These are just a few swimming pool games that will get your family doing more with your swimming pool investment.

There’s also books on Amazon and videos on YouTube that will help you find more activities to play, and ways to keep your family and friends entertained.

Your turn to share your favorite swimming pool games, please comment!

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