A Hindsight Look at Swimming Pool Reality

swimming pool realityThe motto of this blog is “Because Swimming Pools Should Be Fun”, but that’s only possible when your swimming pool is getting regular pool service, that’s a pool reality.

What I mean is you can’t enjoy a swimming pool if it has pump, filter or chemical problems. When the pool is dirty, the pool is closed for business – no swimmers allowed!

Swimming Pool Realities

Pools are meant to be used during parties and barbecues with quests swimming and splashing around, right? Or for kids in training, swimming laps in preparation for the Olympics, or for lying on an air mattress reading a good book while drinking a cool beverage…

Now comes the point of this post, don’t have a pool installed unless you are ready to take care of it.

Why? Because once to fantasy wears off, you’ll realize:

  • a pool costs money and time
  • and sometimes cause financial, marriage and neighbor problems
  • And – unless you can afford to have someone else do the pool service for it, swimming pools are work!

Sorry if I popped your bubble but you needed to hear this swimming pool reality up front…

Now In Hindsight

Regular swimming pool service is vital to ensure the water is safe and clean for swimming. Neglect it for just a couple of weeks, and nature will take over by adding bugs, dirt and algae.

Pools Are Large Amounts of Water that occasionally need to be Drained

A hindsight you want to consider is draining 100’s or 1000’s of gallons of water once in a while. That’s right, draining the pool needs to happen occasionally to replace the old pool water with fresh new water.

There are several reasons pool water may require draining, but accidents such as adding too much chlorine or acid are the most common.

Also, thousands of gallons of water are expensive! I’ve see my water bill jump over a $100’s during the summer months due to constantly adding water because of evaporation.

This doesn’t even include the cost of having to refill a pool if it’s drained; my average was $75 to refill.

Angry Neighbors and City Law Hindsight

One more thing to consider is draining 100 – 1000’s of gallon of water. The first time I drained my pool I had the city visit me and write me a ticket for draining water onto the street gutter – it’s not allowed.

Then to make matters worse, when I drained it into my yard it also flooded the neighbor’s yard and he wasn’t happy about it, either.

Just giving you some hindsight to think about…

And don’t forget chemicals!

Let’s get this pool reality out of the way now. You’ll need to buy chemicals for your pool and they need to be of quality, not discount brands or expired. I know it’s tempting to save a few dollars but don’t go there or you will pay for it later on…

Alright, you can buy cheaper products, but you need to ensure they are of equal quality as the major brands and no expired dates.

Do some online pool service research and compare the ingredients, I admit there are some deals out there.

Pool Service Maintenance Log

The reality is we forget so keeping a pool service log for your maintenance tasks helps remind you.

For example: when it’s time to add more acid to your swimming pool log it with the exact amount you added and why you added it.

Another example is tracking when filters are cleaned, or when you do a back wash. I know keeping a log seems excessive, but if you’re like me sometimes I forget because of my busy schedule.

Having a good pool service schedule and log will help keep your pool ready for family or guest to swim in it. I know what it’s like to be asked by my wife if the pool is ok for swimming; being able to say yes could keep you out of trouble. This is an important pool reality!

Regular Pool Maintenance

Every week like clockwork you will need to remove dirt and debris from your swimming pool.

You’ll use a skimmer to get stuff off the top. Then you’ll use a vacuum to suck up stuff that reaches bottom of your swimming pool.

Some days are better than others. I live where it’s very dusty and there are a lot of tree leaves and bugs that get blown into the pool water which means regular skimming and vacuuming for me is a reality.

You can also invest in an automatic cleaning system. These cleaning systems will do most of the work for you, but you’ll still need to clean where they miss such as in the corners.

Automatic cleaning systems sound cool but I enjoy my time alone in the morning cleaning the pool. For me, it’s a work out that gets me some exercise and stretching.


These are my realities and hindsight of owning a swimming pool!

I shared this because getting the most enjoyment out of your swimming pool is what it’s all about so you’ll need to plan and take care of your swimming pool.

Before you sign on the line to have one installed, do the math for chemicals, filter cartridges, water, time, tools and unforeseen problems that you can bet will happen.

Another important pool reality is professional pool service is expensive; on average it will cost you $45 per 15 minute block, or $180 an hour.

A final sobering reality, “average pool owners” will only use the pool 30 days out of the year! In hindsight, that’s less than 10% of the year…

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