Cleaning Your Swimming Pool Filter Cartridge

pool filter cartridgeA clean swimming pool filter is vital to having a clean swimming pool.

And a clogged filter will cause more than a dirty pool, it could end up causing you costly repairs.


Part of regular pool maintenance includes cleaning filters, testing chemicals, adding chlorine and vacuuming debris.

Removing the Pool Filter Cartridge

If your pool filtration system uses a cartridge then you’ll need to open the housing to remove the filters. Otherwise you can’t rinse the dirt and debris that collect on them.

Note: This post does not cover how to remove the filters from the housing because each pool manufacture uses a slightly different filter assembly.

Your pool should have a manual for you to follow, otherwise check with your installer for the correct filter removal procedure so you don’t damage anything.

Once you have the filters out, take your water hose on medium pressure and spray a stream of water over and though them to push the dirt out, similar to back washing and pushing the dirt out from the inside outward…

Caution! Do not use a high pressure nozzle! This will ruin your pool filter cartridge and can even result in the filter being torn or damaged.

If cleaning your pool filter becomes too much of a hassle then you may need to hire a swimming pool service so you don’t end up frustrate or causing costly damage.

Solutions for Hard to Clean Pool Filter Cartridges

Aside from just water, there are pool filter cleaners on the market to make life for the DIY pool service technician, easier.

Always read the instructions carefully because most cleaners need to be diluted, otherwise they are too concentrated and will not loosen the dirt.

Normally you will place the swimming pool filter cartridge inside a tub or container with the cleaning solution for 2 – 3 several hours. If you want you can leave the pool filter to sit overnight but remember to turn off the pump so you aren’t jumping out of bed at midnight to turn it off.

Another solution for cleaning pool filters is acid but it’s not as effective breaking down oils and other liquids that build up on the filter. Acid can also be harsh on the swimming pool filter cartridge and accelerate the replacement process. Use common sense!

Back to my earlier point, after you’ve allowed the filter to sit in the cleaning solution, the next step is to rinse it again carefully. Continue rinsing until there isn’t any residue from the pool filter cleaning solution still washing off. Normally this is when the rinsing water water runs clear*.

Unfortunately some filters don’t always get clean the first time so you may need to repeat the cleaning process. Or if the filters are too clogged or damaged, replace them.

Replace Old Pool Filter Styles to Save Time and Money

In today’s swimming pool market there are many new swimming pool filter styles that are much better than the old styles of the 70’s. That’s why if you have an older pool filter style that is always dirty or clogged, it should be replaced with modern pool filters.

Your swimming pool should be fun, not a hassle!

Swimming Pool Filter Upgrade

Should you find you’re always repairing something because of a filter problem, upgrade to a better one ASAP.

Also, another benefit of an upgraded pool filter is it will last longer if you take proper care of it.

Make sure you get expert assistance at a swimming pool service center with a good reputation. It’s important that your pool filter upgrade is compatible and can handle the water volume and pressure.


Remember, a clean pool filter is the key to a clean swimming pool. Regular filter cleaning will reduce the time it takes to clean the filter the next time and will minimize the need to replace your pool filter cartridges as often.

When In doubt always check with your pool service professional.

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