Swimming Pool Troubleshooting (Pump Problems and More)

Swimming Pool Pump ProblemsUgh! Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I can focus on what this post is about, which is tips for swimming pool troubleshooting.

Taking care of your swimming pool is important, and can become a major pain if you neglect regular pool maintenance.

Learning to Troubleshoot Pool Problems

It can take time for a DIY to learn the tricks and tips of the pool service trade because there’s too many things involved in keeping a swimming pool properly serviced.

After 5 years, I’m still learning and make mistakes that cost me money and time. That said, my goal is to try not to repeat these mistakes and hopefully help you.

Let’s Get Troubleshooting!

Most of the time everything is going along just fine with my swimming pool maintenance and then one day – BANG – something happens that sets me back.

Why didn’t I see it coming? Once it happens it’s easy to see the results, but figuring out what caused it isn’t always so obvious.

I’ve found most swimming pool problems relate to three things:

  1. The pool pump
  2. The pool filtering system
  3. The pool chemicals

Learning how to troubleshoot these common swimming pool problems will help you save some money and keep your pool safe.

Swimming Pool Pump Problems

This is a no-brainier but if the pump isn’t working the pool water will be affected. Sometimes it’s not so easy to measure the pool water flow.

  • Are the snakes moving?
  • Are the pop-up popping up and spraying water?
  • Is the water moving around like normal?
  • Does the pump sound normal?

A subtle change in how your swimming pool looks or sounds could be problem are brewing…

Ignoring the symptoms could cost you so take the time to troubleshoot when you suspect your swimming pool is having a problem. It could be something easy to fix if you act fast.

Most problems are just the buildup of dirt, leaves or other debris in the filter cartridge. A little filter maintenance will have the pump working normal again.

Pool Pump Electrical Problems

A pump problem I ran into when I first moved into my home was the breaker kept tripping. I had to get an electrician to run new wires to the breaker box because the original wires had started shorting because they were run underground when the pool was installed in the 70’s.

If you find that the pump isn’t working check the breaker. You may need to replace the fuse or just flip the switch and you are back in business, or like in my case you may need new wiring.

Most pool pumps run on 220 volt systems so be extremely careful. If you can’t restart the pump with a breaker reset you may have bigger problems such as a bad pump or wiring.

Pool Filter Problems

Short and simple! Clogged pool filters will cause leaks or pump issues, they might even cause a breaker to trip.

When troubleshooting swimming pool problems always check your filters to see if they are clogged or damaged and need to be replaced.

If you experience pool filter problems often it may be time for a fitter assembly upgrade.

Pool Chemical Problems

Chlorine and Ph problems aren’t too difficult to solve yet pool chemistry seems to frustrate me at times.

Weekly checks will help prevent big chlorine or Ph problems but it takes time to do the pool test which is normally why it gets put off. After all, the water is clear and blue!

When you need to add chemicals, add them now, and only add the required amount. Don’t guessing or add anything without properly measuring or you will regret it.

Imagine draining 22,000 gallons of water because you’ve added too much acid!

Expired Chemicals

Some pool owners skimp on swimming pool chemicals then pay for it later on. Always buy fresh chemicals with expiration dates that have not expired. Your pool is an investment so take care of it with quality chemicals.


This post covers the three common problems most pool owners will run in to:

  • Pump issues
  • Filter problems
  • Chemical problems

If after reading this post you still can’t find the solution to your swimming pool problem it may be time to call an expert before the problem gets worst and costs more to fix.

The longer a problem goes on, the greater the risk of more damage and the higher the repair bills will go…

Bonus Advice for when you need to Contact a Pool Service Expert!

Swimming pool repairs are expensive!

If you can’t solve the problem yourself at least you will save time and money by pointing them in the right direction from the start. Be specific with your problem when speaking to the pool service tech. Time is money and at $45 per every 15 minutes, it can add up very fast.

Your turn to offer tips for Troubleshooting Swimming Pool Problems, please comment!

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