Monsoon Weather Is Fouling My Clean Pool!

Monsoon weather happens in Arizona towards the middle of summer and generates a lot of dust and organic deposits in my swimming pool.

monsoon weather

This weather pattern happens when the temperature rises and starts robbing everything of moisture, which is returned in thunderstorms, humidity, and swimming pool frustration.

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Monsoon Swimming Pool Problems

During this time of the year, I have to replenish gallons and gallons of water that have evaporated.

I also spend more time removing trash, leaves, and palm debris from the bottom of the pool…

…And to make it worse, a layer of dirt is always waiting to be vacuumed daily.

Monsoon season causes filters to plug, drains to clog, and pumps to run dry when the pool water drops too low, and the air starts seeping into the system.

If I’m not vigilant with the pool water level, I am woken up by my pool pump hiccuping at 2 AM because the pool water is too low and the system is sucking air.

This problem is one of the flaws in older pools that don’t have an automatic pool water leveling system, and it’s also not good for the pump to run dry!


The Price of DIY Pool Service

As my DIY pool service, monsoon season is the busiest and most challenging time of the year for me…

…And unless I am willing to pay for swimming pool service, there’s nothing for me to do except wait it out and keep servicing the swimming pool by:

  • Removing the debris
  • Monitoring the pool water chemicals
  • Make sure the pool water level is good
  • Back-washing the system
  • Maintaining the drains and filters clean


Swimming pools are fun but a lot of work, especially during monsoon season!

monsoon weather dirty swimming pool


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