Best Wireless Pool Thermometer

You’ll Always Know When the Pool Water is the Perfect Temperature for a Swim…

No More Dipping Your Toes in COLD Water when you use the Best Wireless Pool Thermometer.

best wireless pool thermometer

If you’re looking for an easy way to check the pool temperature without taking off your shoe to dip your toe in the water, this tip is about solving your problem with the best wireless pool thermometer.

Nowadays, technology can update you from the comfort of your kitchen when your pool water is the perfect temperature for a swim.

Below, you’ll find my picks on the best wireless pool thermometer options to make owning your pool easier and more enjoyable.

best WIFI pool thermometerHaving a pool thermometer is great, but having the best wifi pool thermometer is life changing.

The benefits of your wireless pool thermometer…

  • Enjoy More Time in Your Swimming Pool – Get Alerted when the pool water is at the perfect temperature.
  • Neighbors and Guests will Copy You – Keep the model of your remote thermometer available when they ask.
  • Your Kids Will Get More Exercise – They won’t be able to say “the water’s too cold” anymore.

I love the sound of kids playing in the pool.

best wireless pool thermometer


  • Some digital pool thermometers are solar-powered, so you won’t have to constantly worry about changing batteries.

Wireless Swimming Pool Thermometer

A wireless swimming pool thermometer with a digital display is a great addition to other home automation.

Now, not only monitor your home climate with a Nest Thermostat…

… but also monitor your pool water temperature with a wireless pool thermometer that connects to a large digital display.

Wireless vs. Bluetooth vs. WIFI Pool Thermometers

Please note: there is a big difference you should be aware of between the wireless, Bluetooth, and WIFI pool thermometers shown below. I want to explain all the wireless options so you can make an informed choice.

Wireless pool thermometers use a wireless signal from the float to the display. It’s nothing fancy, but it does the job of monitoring and displaying the pool water temperature. This is probably what you are looking for if you are searching for the best wireless pool thermometer.

Bluetooth pool thermometers are another type of wireless pool thermometer. The Bluetooth technology connects (pairs) with your smartphone instead of a digital display and uses an app to show you the pool water temperature. You are probably looking for this if you are searching for a Bluetooth pool thermometer.

WIFI pool thermometers are wireless, but they’re much more advanced because they use WIFI communication between the float, display, and smartphone. You can install a mobile app to display the water temperature and weather information collected by the pool thermometer sensors. If you use IoT tech in your home, this is a smart option. You are probably looking for this if you search for the best WIFI pool thermometer with the app.

I’ll start by giving you my picks on basic wireless pool thermometers.

My Wireless Pick

Best Wireless Pool Thermometer

Inkbird Wireless Pool Thermometer and Receiver Set, Updated Version Floating Thermometer with Easy Read Display, Thermometer for Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Hot Spring(Battery not Included)
  • 🛀Wireless Pool Thermometer: The maximum connection distance is 300 feet. You can check temperature readings with the receiver inside home..

Wireless Runner-up

Wireless Pool Thermometer alternative

Now, here are my picks for WIFI pool thermometers.

My WIFI Pick

New Smart WIFI Pool Thermometer (Updated)

Ambient Weather WS-50-F007PF WiFi Smart Floating Pool, Spa, and Pond Thermometer with Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Includes display console and 1 floating thermometer
  • Receiver supports up to 10 separate sources (mix & match from WS-12-ANEMOMETER, WS-12-RAIN, F007TH, F007PF, F007TP, FT012TH)
  • Send real time data to AmbientWeather and WeatherUnderground

It’s your own personal weather station at your home!

Best wireless pool thermometer with appThe Ambient Weather WS-50-F007PF smart wifi pool thermometer is a geeky way to keep your eyes on the pool water temperature without getting your feet wet or walking to the kitchen to see the digital readout! 🏊 The easy-to-use mobile app installs on your smartphone, desktop, and tablet and connects WIFI to the thermometer with waterproof sensors that are resistant to sunlight, so they’ll stay working 💦. View the Android, iPhone, and Alexa apps.

And here is a Bluetooth wireless pool thermometer. It’s not my preference, but I wanted to show an option.

How To Open The Ambient Floating Pool Thermometer

Video Transcription
This is Ed from Ambient Weather, and today, I’m going to show you how to open the lid and insert the batteries for the floating pool and spa thermometer. The first thing you want to do is remove the locking key. So you may want to grab a special cloth that makes it much easier to open the lid. Now, you want to turn the lid counterclockwise, much like you would open the lid of a jar. Do not turn clockwise. You turn it clockwise or the wrong way. It may get stuck, and you may need a special tool to open it. So again, it’s just like opening the lid of a jar, and inside, you’ll find a desiccant pack. You’ll want to leave that desiccant pack in there. It helps with condensation. Here’s the battery compartment. I’ve already inserted the batteries here. I prefer the energizer e to lithium batteries. They last a lot longer than standard batteries. So you have to replace the batteries much less often. So put that lid back on there, and here you’ll find the dip switches. There are four of them that allow you to adjust the channel numbers. The manual talks about it, but you can adjust it from channels 1 through 8 and change the units of measure from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius. So when you’re done inserting the batteries, go ahead and turn clockwise again like the lid of a jar until it lines up here the key, and I’m going to put the locking key back in, and it’s ready to go.

That was easy…

Before you go, check out the FAQ and a few more handy links for DIY pool care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check pool temperature?

There are many ways to check pool temperature. 1. Dip your toes into cold water. 2. Many chlorine tablet floats have a thermometer built into them so you can check the water temperature weekly when reloading the tabs. 3. You can also get a stand-alone floating thermometer. These thermometers usually have red fluid to make them easy to read. 4. There are also floating digital thermometers. 5. the guide notes that a wireless pool thermometer with a remote digital display inside your home or a mobile app makes it easier to check pool water temp.

What is a remote pool thermometer?

A remote pool thermometer is a device used to measure a swimming pool’s temperature. It can help optimize the pool water’s temperature, making it more comfortable for swimmers. A remote pool thermometer can be a standalone device or part of a larger pool system.

What’s the benefit of a remote pool thermometer?

A remote pool thermometer is a great way to keep an eye on the temperature of your pool, even if you aren’t at home. By having a remote thermometer, you can avoid costly mistakes such as letting your pool get too cold and needing to reheat it. A remote pool thermometer can also help you save energy by ensuring your pool’s temperature is just right.

What is a Bluetooth pool thermometer?

A Bluetooth pool thermometer is a device that attaches to the side of your pool and sends temperature readings to your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This allows you to keep track of your pool’s temperature and ensure it is not getting too hot or too cold.

What’s a solar pool thermometer?

A solar pool thermometer is a thermometer that uses the sun’s energy to measure the temperature of a body of water. It consists of a small collection placed in the swimming pool and a display mounted on the side of the pool. The thermometer measures the temperature of the water and then uses solar energy to power the display, which shows the temperature of the water.

What’s a digital pool thermometer?

A digital pool thermometer is a great way to keep an eye on the temperature of your pool. It can be easy to lose track of the temperature, especially if you’re not in the pool daily. A digital pool thermometer takes all of the guesswork out of it and gives you a precise reading so that you can adjust your swimming schedule accordingly.

What is a floating digital Pool thermometer?

A floating digital pool thermometer is a great way to keep track of the temperature of your pool. It is easy to read, and you can see the temperature anywhere in the pool. This is a great option for those who like to keep an eye on the temperature, and it is also a great option for those who want to ensure that their pool is always at the perfect temperature.

How accurate are floating pool thermometers?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as floating pool thermometers can be affected by different factors, such as the positioning of the thermometer in the pool and the weather conditions on the day. However, in general, floating pool thermometers are relatively accurate and can indicate the water temperature in your pool.

What is the most accurate pool thermometer?

A pool thermometer is an important tool for any pool owner. It is the most accurate way to measure your pool’s temperature and ensure it is safe for swimming. A few different types of pool thermometers are available, but the most accurate type is a digital thermometer.

Digital thermometers are more accurate than analog thermometers and are easier to read. They can be used to measure the water temperature in both indoor and outdoor pools. They can also be used to measure the air temperature surrounding the pool.

If you are looking for an accurate pool thermometer, you should consider purchasing a digital thermometer.

How accurate are pool thermometers?

Pool thermometers are generally accurate within +/- 1-3 degrees F.

This level of accuracy is more than adequate for most pool owners, as it allows you to easily monitor the temperature of your pool and make any necessary adjustments.

However, if you are looking for an even more precise thermometer, there are a number of high-end models on the market that can provide accuracy to within +/- 0.5 degrees F.

These models are typically used by professional pool owners or those looking to maintain extremely precise temperatures in their pools.

Remote pool thermometers are also available, allowing you to monitor your pool’s temperature from a distance.

These models can be handy if you have a large pool or want to monitor the temperature without having to be in the pool itself.

Several factors can affect the accuracy of pool thermometers, so choosing a model that is appropriate for your needs is important.

Higher-end models will generally be more accurate than lower-end models, but they will also be more expensive.

Can infrared thermometers measure water temperature?

Many people may not be aware that infrared thermometers can measure water temperature.

This is a great feature for anyone wanting to ensure their pool is at the right temperature.

A remote pool thermometer makes it easy to get an accurate reading without going into the pool.

You can point the device at the water and get an instant reading.

This can be a great way to save time and energy while maintaining a comfortable pool temperature.

What type of thermometer is best for measuring water temperature?

When looking for a thermometer to measure the water temperature in your pool, there are a few factors that you will want to consider.

One of the most important factors is the type of thermometer best suited for your needs.

Three types of thermometers are commonly used to measure water temperature: digital, wireless, and remote.

Each type of thermometer has advantages and disadvantages that you will want to consider before making a purchase.

Digital thermometers are the most common type of thermometer used to measure water temperature.

They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. However, digital thermometers can be less accurate than other types of thermometers.

Wireless thermometers are becoming more popular as they offer a more accurate reading than digital thermometers.

They are also more expensive and require batteries to operate.

Remote pool thermometers are the most accurate type of thermometer available.

They are also the most expensive.

Remote pool thermometers work by sending a signal to a receiver that is placed near the pool.

The receiver then displays the water temperature on a digital readout.

Digital, wireless, and remote pool thermometers have advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing the type of thermometer that will best meet your needs is important.

Can I use a regular thermometer to check the water temperature?

A regular thermometer can’t be used to check the water temperature in a pool.

On the other hand, a remote pool thermometer can be used to measure the water temperature from a distance.

This is a valuable feature because it allows you to easily monitor the temperature of the water and make necessary adjustments to ensure that it’s comfortable for swimming.

A remote pool thermometer can also be used to measure the temperature of the air around the pool, which can help determine whether the pool is too hot or too cold for swimming.

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