Best Pool Service Advice: Save Time And Money

Pool ServiceYou can save money annually just by deciding to do your pool service.

Too many pool owners think that adding chlorine tabs and checking water pH is too complicated.

They’ve read horror stories on the web about the wrong chemicals being added.

Or maybe they’re afraid of messing up their equipment.

Listen, while maintaining your swimming pool does take time, it can be done and give you exercise.

The Ultimate Guide to Pool MaintenancePool Service Basics

First off, remember that there are plenty of experts out there you can turn to.

When you do your own maintenance you can be sure that the chemicals you pay for really do get placed into your swimming pool.

And instead of paying a marked-up price for each chlorine tab or bag of pool shock, now you can buy them in bulk. This process will also save you money. Here’s where I buy pool supplies online.

You’ll soon discover which products work well for your swimming pool and which don’t. Pay close attention to the ingredients so that even if you switch brands, you will know what they need to contain to get good results.

Watch How to Maintain A Swimming Pool - Clean and Test Pool Water
If you own a pool you need to get the most from it all season long with just a little maintenance. You will keep your pool at its absolute best, and we’ll show you how ok so once your pool is open up you don’t need to do anything for all of those other seasons right well nearly the proper maintenance will help keep your pool and tools in good shape & most importantly help to keep it healthy and clean pool maintenance could be divided into five simple parts balance chlorine shock algaecide and skin brush and sweep furthermore to these five parts. We’ll also demonstrate some other methods to keep your pool in top condition today some things you may want to maintain your pool include water test strips chlorine tablets water shock algaecide a skimmer net pool brush and vacuum some optional products include a water clarifier scale metal and stain control and a chlorine floater you will discover the components list plus some additional tips for keeping your pool inside our printable instructions at\/videos the maintenance measures are actually pretty easy just reserve a little time every week we’ll begin with the water stability to keep your swimming pool at the right chemistry. You wish to test your water in least twice weekly regular testing will let you know exactly what items your pool requirements the next thing is to chlorinate the drinking water maintaining a free of charge chlorine level of 1 to 4 parts per million can help your pool fight off bacteria infections and germs talking about chlorinating your pool may need a shock treatment which provides a high focus of chlorine of 5 to 10 parts per million at this point if your chlorine amounts are really low or possibly after much rain or heavy usage you will have to shock the water the optimum time for a shock treatment is each day or the evening because Ultra violet rays destabilize chlorine first ensure that you balance the pH degree of the water after that add the concentrated chlorine check the chlorine levels afterwards and do not enter the pool until those amounts are between 1 and 4 parts per million the chlorine will keep the pool carefully clean but you will have to drive back algae development too if your pool walls and floor feel slick and oily which means you possess an algae buildup to use an algaecide on a regular basis to avoid algae from developing in your pool. Do not forget to follow a skim and sweep regimen first make use of a skimmer net at the top of the drinking water to clear particles also brush the wall space and sweep the ground with vacuum pressure to ensure that your skimmer baskets are clean too, therefore, we’ve discussed five things you must do regularly but there are several additional actions you can take to maintain your pool water clean and crystal clear for one get one of these maintenance doses of water clarifier this chemical substance works together with your filter to greatly help trap tiny contaminants in the water. Also, you can include scale stain and metallic control these assists prevent harm to your filter program from the scale which is a buildup of heavy deposits of calcium with just regular pool maintenance your pool will remain in great form for the swimming season. Now if you would like some tips about closing your pool, we can help with that too just have a look at our video.

This is a great video for the new pool owner. You can find these pool supplies at Lowes, or click this link to shop for pool supplies online.

Learning what’s required to maintain your swimming pool before you get one is good.

  • Find out what you’ll need to do and how often.
  • Find out what the average cost will be for the supplies.
  • Figure out how long it’ll take you weekly to do pool service.

Remember that it will take you longer in the beginning due to the learning curve. However, you will develop a pattern and soon do the same work in less time. That will undoubtedly make it more enjoyable for you.

Pool Maintenance Made EasyCreate a Service Schedule

Second, setting up a schedule for routine maintenance and checking on specific aspects of your swimming pool is essential. You can do it on a computer or just a blank calendar page. Many people also like to color code what needs to be done each time. That makes it easier for them to see what has to be done visually.

Here’s a starter list for you:

  • Pool Chemistry
  • Pool Water Level
  • Backwashing the Pump
  • Adding Chemicals
  • Clearing the Skimmer
  • Dealing with Algae
  • Skimming Leaves and Bugs
  • Brushing the Pool Walls and Steps

You’ll take pride in how nice and clean your swimming pool is if you’re the one taking care of it.

We tend to get more enjoyment from what we’ve worked hard for. And the more you learn about caring for your swimming pool, the less of a chore it will become. You’ll also be able to notice things and identify how to treat them quickly without contacting an expert.

Do It Yourself or Call a Professional

Finally, your swimming pool will last much longer if you’re dedicated to caring for it. Suppose you don’t like the idea of someone else coming to do the cleaning and maintenance or paying for such work, then learn how to do it on your own.

There’s no reason why you can’t have a fantastic swimming pool right in your backyard to enjoy due to your efforts. But, if you decide you want a pool but don’t have time to handle the pool service, you can call many pool care businesses. Don’t let it go unserviced; your pool will turn green overnight and become a nightmare.

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