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Best Pool ToolsDeals on DIY Pool Tools…

Every DIY pool service guy or gal needs good tools for maintaining his or her swimming pool.

So to help you decide before you buy, below you’ll find the best selling pool skimmers, rakes, and telescopic poles for handling do-it-yourself pool maintenance at home…

Best Selling Pool Skimmer

First off, for easy jobs that require removing bugs, leaves, and debris, you’ll want a pool skimmer. The best pool surface skimmer tool attaches to a pole (see below) and is used to remove debris from the surface of the water.

Best Selling Pool Rake

Next, you’ll need a pool rake for catching and removing large debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool. This may even include removing dead birds and other critters that fall in the pool. The pool rake also attaches to a pole.

Best Selling Pool Brush

Brushing the pool walls or steps can be a time-consuming chore but it’s another task required when you handle your own pool care. So having a good, sturdy, pool brush is a must-have on every pool tool list. A pool brush also attaches to a pole and is handy for removing algae.

Best Selling Telescopic Pool Pole

Then, you’ll want a good pool pole that can adjust (telescopic) because you’ll want it to be long enough to reach the bottom of your pool with your rake attached, and also short enough that it’s not too heavy when you’re skimming the water’s surface.

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