Best Swimming Pool Heater

Best Swimming Pool HeaterEven if you live where it is warm and sunny most of the time, you may still want the best swimming pool heater installed on your swimming pool.

This way, you can swim all the time at a temperature you’re most comfortable with. You can control how cold or warm you want the water, which is an advantage over only swimming during the warmest months.

My guess is you’ve been researching and already know there are quite a few heaters for swimming pools to choose form, right?

You may want to upgrade if you’re paying an arm and a leg for electricity to power your current pool heater.

Best of all, your investment in a new heater may cut your expenses in half and pay for itself in no time.

How Solar Pool Heating Works

#1 Best Seller
ECOPOOLTECH Electric Pool Heater for Above and In Ground Pools - Max 22,462 BTU/hr Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, Up to 6500gallons, Fits 15/18/24 Foot Spa Pools, 120V/60Hz
  • Extend Your Swim Season & Fun* Nothing beats a warm pool for your kids, pets and the whole family! The EU70 pool heat pump can operate within the range of ambient temperature from 30F to 100F, under optimal operating conditions can heat the water temperature to 105F, making it an ideal choice for extending the swimming pool season for months
  • Save Money* Base on heat pump technology, the EU70 heat pump absorbs energy from the air molecules and transfers it into the water. So the operation only requires very limited electric input, hence its high efficiency and heat conversion rate can reach a score of COP 4.7. In other words, for every cent of electricity spent, 4.7 times heat is generated!
  • Available for Above & in-Ground Pools* Max output 22462BTU/hr, the Pool heat pump EU70 is Ideal for Above Ground Pools with up to 6500 gallons of water. (Please refer to the temperature map of the United States to chose the appropriate model).
  • Built in flow sensor* The machine is equipped with a water flow sensor, which can automatically control the working time of the heater through the timing setting of the water pump.
  • Easy operation* The intelligent control IC automatically maintains the swimming pool at your desired temperature. Once it starts running, you don't need to adjust any settings, just enjoy a warm and comfortable swimming pool.
#2 Best Seller
GRILLME 240V 3000W Immersion Bathtub and Swimming Pool Water Heater,Fully Submersible Portable Electric Heater,30 Galons Bathtub Heater,200 Galons Swimming Pool Heater,NEMA 6-15P Plug,100% Waterproof
  • Product Parameters: 240V 3000W (Must Use NEMA 6-15P 15A Outlet, This Heater is 12.5A Current) , Heater Length 13.5 Inches, Power Cord Length 118 Inches.
  • Fast Heating: The 3000W Heater Can Increase The Water Temperature Of A 30 Gallons Bathtub By 50 Degrees Fahrenheit Within 30 Minutes(Make Sure You Have A NEMA 6-15P 15A Outlet In Your Home).
  • High Quality Material: The Shell Of The Heater Is Made Of Stainless Steel 316L Material, Which Has Better High-temperature And Corrosion Resistance Than Stainless Steel 304. The Anti Scalding Sheath Of The Heater Can Avoid Damaging The Container During Use.
  • Notice: The Heater Needs To Be Completely Submerged In Water During The Heating Process To Avoid Dry Burning Damage. This Product Is Only Suitable For Heating Tap Water And Is Not Suitable For Heating Corrosive Liquids Such As Well Water,Seawater, Acids, Alkalis, etc.If There Is Scale On The Surface Of The Heater, It Should Be Regularly Removed With A Scale Remover Or Vinegar.
  • Warranty: This Product Provides A One-year Warranty, And Is Free To Return Or Exchange If Damaged During Normal Use.
#3 Best Seller
Laboomkey 2000W Immersion Water Heater,Portable Bucket Heater with Digital LCD Thermometer, Stainless Steel Guard Anti-scalding Submersible Water Heater for Pool Bathtub,UL Listed
  • 【Fast Heating 】: The immersion water heater is rated at 2000W and operates at 110-125V AC. Porous design with good thermal conductivity. It will quickly heat 5 gallons of water with high power in a few minutes(longer in winter).If too much water is heated it takes more time or more than two products are used at the same time.
  • 【Safety And Practicality】: This UL-recognized immersion portable hot tub heater is equipped with a 304 stainless steel shield that prevents direct contact between the internal heating element and people or animals, making it safer to use and preventing burns.Heat dissipates to the water faster by flowing through the holes in the guard.our upgrade design ensures optimal performance!Please use it strictly according to the instructions!
  • 【Widely Used】: This immersion water heater can be used not just for swimming pools, but also for hot tubs, bathtubs, mini inflatable swimming pool, camping shower,farm animals’ water, window washing water and more. It is not suitable for using in big swimming pool.
  • 【Easy To Use】]:Take Electric Submersible water heater immerse in water at proper level,Plug into any grounded 120V AC outlet.with a digital LCD thermometer, easy to measure water temperature. Check power indicator light to make sure immersion water heater is working .Please note: people and animal can't be in the water while the heater is working.
  • 【Satisfaction Guarantee】: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for a full refund or replacement. Your satisfaction is our top priority.Please read the instructions and precautions carefully before using the electric immersion water heater.

Best Pool Heater - SunQuest Solar Swimming Pool Heater Complete System with Roof KitsBest Swimming Pool Heater

For example, there are solar swimming pool heaters you should look at before deciding.

These collect heat from the sun in cells. Then, that heat is transformed and is used to heat your pool.

The solar energy will be collected by the panels each day, and the cycle will repeat…

Best Pool Heater - Hayward H100ID1 H-Series 100,000 BTU Above Ground Pool & Spa HeaterAlternative Pool Heaters

Other pool heaters use electricity and gas to heat your pool water.

You can also reduce the amount of energy required to heat your swimming pool by keeping the pool covered when it’s not in use.

This will allow the water to maintain the heat. Placing a cover on your pool can be time-consuming, so investing in an electric tarp is fast and effective. They’re made for all shapes and sizes of swimming pools as well.

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Now, you need to ensure the swimming pool heater you choose is adequately sized for your swimming pool. And don’t try to save money by installing one that’s too small for your pool size. In the long run, you’ll end up paying more. If you’re unsure which pool heater to get, don’t hesitate to get professional help for this investment.

Best Electrical Pool Heater - Happybuy 11KW 220V Electric Pool Heater Thermostat Swimming Pool Bath SPA Hot Tub Water Heater Pump Assistant Electric Water Heater Digital ThermostatSolar vs. Gas vs. Electric Pool Heaters

With solar heaters, the bigger the pool, the more panels you’ll need to have enough energy. It would be best if you strived to operate only on solar power for the heat instead of going back and forth between it and electricity.

If you’re shopping around for a swimming pool right now, the quality of the heater is something to consider.

Too many consumers don’t realize the importance of having a good heater until they already have the swimming pool installed.

Do Your Research Before Buying A Pool Heater

By understanding heating is an important feature, you’ll pay more attention to it initially. This way, you can be sure you get the best possible overall swimming pool and equipment for your investment.

Look, with a great heating system, it doesn’t matter if it’s gas, electric, or solar – because you’ll be able to enjoy your swimming pool all year round. And you won’t be afraid to pay your electricity bill.

Finally, ensure you routinely inspect your heating system during your normal DIY pool service. That way, you can avoid any major problems with it. Last, look at your warranty information, too, so you can get assistance if you experience any issues.

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