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DIY Swimming Pool Clean Service
DIY Pool Service Works!

If You’re A First Time Pool Owner, This Is My DIY Pool Service Guide Especially For You…

When I first became a pool owner, I had a lot of challenges.

My newly purchased Litchfield Park home had a 22,000 gallon swimming pool that was full of bugs and green algae, and someone had dumped a bag of cement on the steps that had hardened.

As a beginner, I had to learn how to keep the water clean, prevent algae from growing, and stop bugs from taking over.

I’d never owned a home with a swimming pool before, so learning to care for a pool was hard work at the start.

I felt like a total dummy trying to keep the water clean.

Maybe you can relate?

Even keeping the pool water filled was hard until I found automatic pool water levelers.

But this all changed once I learned DIY pool service

DIY Pool Cleaning Tips for First Time Pool Owners

After a lot of trial, and error, and frustration, I figured out how to do pool service. Before long, I could test pH levels, add chlorine and shock, and perform necessary pool maintenance like a Pro.

Unfortunately, I did learn some costly lessons that I wish I could have avoided…

These days – unless something is broken or needs fixing, I just follow a 3 step routine of testing the pool water, adding water and chemicals as required, and back-washing the filter. (Add lawn work to the list for keeping ducks out of the pool.) Don’t worry, I’ll share my tips on how to do DIY pool service with you.

Tip: Where you can buy Swimming Pool Chemicals

Here’s what you’ll get when reading …   Pool Service All

  1. DIY How-to Tips for New Pool Owners – Swimming pool tips and ideas for keeping your pool clean and safe.
  2. Comfort Because You’re Not Alone – Beginners will learn ways to save time and money on supplies and maintenance.
  3. Happy Feelings of Belonging – A few good laughs and my empathy if you also own a pool.

Ready to dive in? 🙂

Let’s start with a quick summary and then you can bounce around as needed.

Swimming Pool Games for AdultsCommon Pool Problems and How to Solve Them

What’s covered on my Pool Service Blog are the lessons I’ve learned.

I’ve gone from a new pool owner dealing with pump problems, chemicals, and dead birds – to a confident DIY pool service technician who can maintain a swimming pool like the best pool service guy.

You’re probably thinking yeah, sure!


In about 10 years’ time, I’ve had broken popups, burned-up pumps, broken sand filters, burned-out pool lights, shorted electrical systems, pool re-plastering, and many more pool problems – seems like all that pain should count for something…

And every pool season seems to bring about a new series of problems and experiences.

Probably the one pool problem that bothers me the most is when my neighbor waits too long to trim his palm trees and lets them bloom.

Dealing with pool problems.

When this happens, my pool gets plugged up with palm seeds that clog the pool filters, and this year almost drove me crazy when I couldn’t get the palm seeds cleaned out of my pump for weeks.

But there’s plenty more excitement when the monsoons come around mid-July and make a huge mess. Dirt, leaves, tree branches, and dead animals end up in the pool.

And I’ve learned the hard way not to leave the debris alone or it will just decompose, cause algae to grow, and make your job cleaning the pool harder to do.

Keeping the water sparkling clean.

Yup, it’s an endless DIY job trying to keep the water sparkling clean, the pool filtration system from getting plugged, and the pool chemistry balanced. But my 3 step DIY pool service system works, and here’s the real secret to my success…


Best automatic pool cleanerI’ve been working on the Pool Service All blog since 2007, and it covers all the basics for new pool owners.

Take your time and read through my posts and learn to do what you can then pay for the big stuff…

As I start to wrap up, I want to leave you with my most crucial pool cleaning tip.

This is the secret pool service companies don’t want you to know about.

If you don’t read anything else on this DIY blog, please read my Kreepy Krauly review, where I talk about how an automatic pool cleaner saved my life.

It’s like having a full-time pool guy!

The Kreepy Krauly has been the best investment I’ve made to help keep my pool clean and serviced.

Hey, I don’t know what I would have done by now without an automatic pool cleaner helping me.

Next, I plan to invest in the best solar pool ionizer and a wireless pool thermometer to monitor the pool water and make my life easier.

Pool Service Basics: FAQ for Beginners

What first time pool owners will learn on the Pool Service All guides are the basics on pool accessories, pool tools, maintenance, tips, and lessons learned the hard way that will help you avoid significant and costly pool problems.

You’ll also learn how easy it is to buy pool supplies online and save time, money, and the hassles of waiting in line and hulling heavy buckets of chlorine tablets

Now, let me answer some common questions I get asked…

#1. Do you have any recommendations for Pool Cleaning Services?

Pool Cleaning Services Near Me

Look at the image above. These are the search engine results for me searching for pool cleaners from my home in Litchfield Park.

I suggest reading my recommendation for the best swimming pool cleaning services near me.

#2. How many 3-inch chlorine tablets should I use?

I also struggled with this problem at first. But after a while, I learned to read the chemistry of my pool water pretty well. Now, I add 2 – 4 chlorine tablets per week during the summertime when the pool is open for swimming.

swimming pool care near me#3 How often should I shock my pool?

I treat my pool with the best pool shock once a week, sometimes twice a week, if it gets used or there are monsoon storms.

#4. How often should I clean my pool filter or backwash?

During the summer, I will backwash my sand filter weekly to keep the filtration systems optimal for powering my Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner.

#5. How to close your pool for the winter?

Well, depending on where you live, there are a few things you need to do. But most importantly, it starts with the best pool cover for winter.

#6. How often should I drain my pool?

Draining your pool water depends on the water condition and chemistry. For example, the water condition is so bad that rather than try to deal with it with loads of chlorine or other chemicals, it’s easier to start over with fresh water. Here’s a DIY tip that includes my experience draining my pool.

#7. How do I keep my pool from becoming a mosquito daycare?

The DIY mosquito control strategy that works pretty well using simple & cheap methods is to use Mosquito Bits around your home to kill larvae, clear stagnant water sources nearby that may be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, hang door screens, and set up mosquito traps.

#8. Should I Install A Pool?

Pool Service All is also a good read for anyone thinking about having a new pool installed.

Before you sign a contract with a pool builder please read about my experiences because there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I didn’t have a pool. That said, I’m sure there are still guys that will go forward. I will see you on the other side.

First Time Pool Owner Tips (continued)…

Continue reading more tips or if you don’t find anything that helps solve your swimming pool or spa problem on my pool blog, then you can always use this directory of the best pool service near me to help you with a pool/spa guy or gal in your city to do repairs or maintenance for you.

Remember, Clean Pool. Happy Swimmers. Thanks!

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