So What’s Pool Service All About?

With this pool service website, I want to help make swimming fun again because I know from my own experience how much of a hassle keeping a swimming pool can be.

It’s a pain:

Chemicals! Cleaning! Pump Problems! Algae Problems! Ph and Acid Problems! The pool service list goes on and makes owning a swimming pool a major pain….

Below is a screenshot of my property on Google Maps (red square).

As you can see, I have a large 22,000 gallon freshwater pool so I relate with pool owners.


On this blog, I write about my real life experiences in DIY pool service.

Also, from the picture you can see my neighbors all have pools as well so they are probably dealing with the same pool service issues I have…

Pool Service All

About My Pool Service Hassles!

  • When I bought the house the pool water was all green from algae, Ugh!
  • Once I cleaned out some of the algae I notice someone had vandalized the pool by dumping a couple of bags of cement in it, Ugh!
  • When I got the pool re-plastered ($15,000) I didn’t know where to empty 22,000 gallons of algae and bug infected water, Ugh!
  • When they re-plastered the pool, they forgot to replace the tiles on the steps, Ugh!
  • 3 years after re-plastering the pool, it is starting to develop pits from a bad pool plaster job that left air bubbles, Ugh!
  • One day I came home from work and found the sand filter had exploded and all the sand ended up washing into the pool ($1000 to replace), Ugh!
  • Because I live in Arizona and the heat tends to dry-rot everything, all my pool valves leak, Ugh!
  • 4 of my pop-ups broke off and the service service tech could only replace 3 because the re-plaster job plastered over the retainer of one (Cost was $45 per every 15 minutes), it took 1 full hour. Ugh!
  • When I had the pool service tech replace my leaking valves, he replaces the wrong one and still charged me $600 for the job ( I ended getting the right one replace after complaining enough), Ugh!
  • I have hard water build up starting to form on the deep end that needs to be dealt with (pool draining time – still don’t know where to empty 22,000 gallons), Ugh!
  • I have a stack of old broken or cheap pool tools sitting in the corner by the pump that I wasted money on, Ugh!
  • Water, chemicals and tools cost me about $120 per month in the summer time ( due to 100 – 120 temperatures), Ugh!

There are other problems I have missed but this pool service list gives a picture of my pool hassles and why I started this pool service blog!

“Because Swimming Pools Should Be Fun!”

If you already have someone helping you with pool service that’s cool.

However, if you’re a DIY looking for help, then you found the right place because I can relate to pool service PAIN!

You might be wondering:

Yes – There are a few ads and affiliate links from Amazon and Google Adsense on the posts…

…But honestly they only make me a couple bucks a year so don’t let them fool you into thinking I’m getting rich off this website because it doesn’t even pay me .02 cents an hour for all the time I’ve put into the blog.

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